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Introduction to EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting
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- it begins as an idea...
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  Express Your Vision
  Our Planning Begins from Your Concepts
  We Will Work to Fulfill Your Vision 
  Custom Designs & Soulutions
  Personalized To Fit Your Needs 
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a thought, a dream.  There lies an inner core working within each
of us that begins to formulate and birth ideas.  Great potential lies
in each one of us, but many of these dreams fall short of fulfillment. 
Much of our potential starts off as good intentions but somehow does
not manifest itself fully.  Why watch your dreams and visions die?  
Now, you can obtain the assistance you need to assure your thoughts,     
ideas and desires will come to life.  EnVision adopts your vision and 
begins to react accordingly.   No matter how small or how big the
dream may be, we dedicate ourselves to

Bringing Your Vision to Reality!                     
Innovation and Dedication  
Select Your Sucess Plan 
EnVision believes in presenting its clients with innovative, cutting edge tactics and designs.  Our exploration and efforts set forth, work together to achieve fulfillment of your vision.  We are dedicated to each client as we customize each service to fit your individual needs . Professionalism and integrity come standard within our work efforts and client relationships. We have adopted a motto that simply says, "Your vision becomes our vision".  With precise  focus and attention to detail, we target the aims of your vision.  By skillfully devising a comprehensive plan of action, we begin to sculpt your vision.  Through exemplary measures, we execute according to the plans and designs bringing your vision into reality! 

To view testimonials of a few of our satisfied clients click here          
Contact EnVision today to request services that will fit your personal or professional needs.                  

Our Consulting Concept Plans 
Business Concept Plan
Marketing Concept Plan
Online and Virtual Concept Plan
Graphic Concept Plan
Literary Concept Plan
Financial Concept Plan
Social Media Concept Plan

For more comprehensive plan information click here                                               
A Message from The Founders  
 Keeping Up with EnVision
Thank you for visiting EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting. Our aim is to assist you in your endeavors on the road to success.  With a dedicated team, years of experience and various skill sets,  we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.  Our consulting firm will provide you with the direction, the production and the services you need.  If you are ready for the fulfillment of your vision,  we are ready to work with you!
"One dreams a dream, but teamwork makes the dream work!  We will
assist you in making your Visions a Reality."

Make sure to visit our site frequently as
we are constantly updating and posting new information and schedules.  You
can even make EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting Your Home Page! 

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for news interviews and other
publications featuring
Bostic Design &

Valencia Bostic interviewed by WACH FOX News

EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting
continues to explore new avenues
of business training and networking
in efforts to provide our clients with
the most effective tools for success.  
We provide seminars, trainings and 
workshops for professional growth
goals and personal enhancement. 
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