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Literary Concepts
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Literary Concepts
Great literary works and publications truly come to life and speak to various audiences with conviction and relay the composers passions.  The end result is most memorable to your captive audience but you realize how much effort and commitment goes into it.  As a consulting entity, we take the time to understand your vision and work to impart direction to compliment your endeavors and overcome any challenges.
"Our experience alludes to various levels of insight that will help you obtain your goals and achieve new levels of success for your publications." 
The EnVision Edition Plan
EnVision Bostic Design & Consulting provides practical and professional support to those who script variousc content material, writers, striving authors and more in fully achieving their objectives.  Our literary concepts include Editing Services, Copywriting Services, Business Writing assistance and Online Conept Writing just to name a few.  We offer focus on overcoming critical growth barriers, well-rounded advice and counseling on business, organization and personal written content and provide resources, tools and designs to cultivate your work endeavors.

EnVision Edition Plan Details
  • One of our Consultants will serve as advisor to you or your company.
  • From our dedicated team, specialists will be brought in on an as needed basis to provide hands-on assistance.  
  • The first meeting serves as a free consultation.  During this meeting, we introduce ourselves and our consulting concepts to you and have the opportunity to listen and evaluate your needs and/or challenges.
  • Once we understand your goals, we can then formulate a plan of action, verify which components of our consulting aspects will be best for you and inform you of the next steps to moving forward.

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Other Beneficial Services Include

Business Identity Package - we assist you with creating your business name, designing your company logo and business cards, customizing company stationary and more.  View these items and others through our Graphic Design Concepts 

Website Package
- Our services are available for website redesign on first time web development. We can assist you in business naming, domain registratin, web hosting, web development and maintenance... 

Writing and Editing Services for your Website Content or Printed Literature, marketing

Virtual Assistant 
- As you are starting your Business, you are aware of the amount of effort, time and money that goes into employing your staff and the effects of these economic times.  We offer a beneficial alternative known as our Virtual Assistant (VA) for professional, adminstrative and technical assistance.  As independent contractors, they assist with daily needs, perform general office task, data entry, web development, web maintenance and so on without having to occupy your office space, and require no employee benefit packages, vacation pay, or employee tax obligations.

Private Label Service - add flexibility to your company. By outsourcing your work to us you can offer more services to your clients, get back-office support letting you concentrate on more clients, or add more expertise to your workforce.

This strategy allows you to sell your customers our services as though they are your own!

Staff Skill Building - we coordinate seminars to ehance the growth and team approach of staff members

Personal Business Training, Employee Business Training
Business Event Planning
Website Development and Maintenance 
Online and Mobile Integration
Customized Graphics, Portfolios and Presentations
Editing & Writing Services
Articles, Publications and Cover Designs 
Online Marketing, Marketing Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising, Promotion and Sales

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