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Our Team

We have a team that is dedicated to serving you.  Our goal is to Bring Your Visions To Reality!

Graduate of Clemson University

Fields of Experience
Real Estate
Finance Management
Marketing Analyst
Website Development
Graduate of Clemson University

Fields of Experience
Public Administration
Planning & Management 
Financial Consultant
Tax Preparer & Advisor
Business Evaluation
Owner and Founder
Ernest M. Bostic II
Owner and Founder
Valencia Y. Bostic

Our Team Works Together
Bring Your Visions To Reality!

Business Director
Specializing in business management.  Comprehensive knowledge of business logistics, planning...
Offers tools for building stronger business foundation and tools for advancement...
Training Department 
Specializing in interview, resume, computer, presentation training...
Marketing Director & Campaign Team
Analyst, PR, Advertising, Promotions and Sales Division providing services to businesses and organizations for understanding the market, its trends, target audiences...
Virtual Assistant Coordinator
Primary assistant available to provide services for organizations and business administration, data entry, processing...
Webmaster / Website Developer
Providing website development, website maintenance, search engine optimization
Graphic Design Team 
Specializing in graphic creations of logos, business cards, brochures, newsletters and other printed design concepts.  Produces digital and online image creation for websites, e-mailings, internet banners...
Photography and Videography Servicer 
Taking advantage of this service works great in conjunction with our Graphic Design Team and Website Developer.  Have your photos and videos uploaded to your website or your images placed on business cards, newsletters, banners, flyers, incorporated in your logo design...
Editing & Publishing Concept Staff
Provides editing services for business, personal and educational writings of articles, newsletters, essays, online and offline submittals, presentation scripts...
Offers services and concepts to promote and publish literary and online features... 
Financial Management Group
Facilitators of workshops and personal consultation for financial management, credit counseling, saving and investing, retirement planning...
Research Department
Serves each of our consulting departments on an as needed bases to provide additional findings, develop new methods and exploration, stay up-to-date on latest trends in marketplace and advances in technology...
Event Coordinator 
Provides you, your business or organization with our calendar of scheduled events and coordinates your requested date(s) for our services, trainings, workshops...
Available to organize events you, your business or organization seeks to host and schedules our departments to assist as needed.  Perfect for organizing your tradeshows, product showcases, business and client meetings, presentations...   


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