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See what our current and prior clients said about their EnVision Experience!

Business Concepts Reviews
"EnVision worked with us on applying as a non-profit organization for 501(c)3 tax-exemption status.  With such great direction, patience and effort, they helped us organize our financial documents and guided us through all the necessary tax forms.  As a young organization, we found it very useful to have EnVision as a Consulting company because of their skill and knowledge base.  They assisted us in our organizing documents, bylaw structure and so much more." 
-SC Local Non-Profit Organization

Marketing Concepts Reviews
"Our business seemed to have reached a point of growth but then just leveled off.  We were looking for marketing strategies to keep things moving in a positive direction.  When we heard about EnVision Bostic Design and Consulting and saw their website, we decided to give them an opportunity.  After seeing their presentation we were sold.  EnVision presented us with some great marketing strategies that has given our business the boost it needed."

"Ernest and Valencia of EnVision met with me concerning my business and some new avenues of marketing I  wanted to pursue.  They presented a plan of action based on the goals I wanted my business to achieve.  I knew I needed some ideas to ignite my business as growth had become somewhat stagnant.  Through their suggestions, efforts and creative designs, I was able to promote my business further and attract more attention from consumers and the general public.  They have done a wonderful job of making my dreams of rejuvenating my business a reality!  I highly recommend their services."

Online Concepts Reviews

"We were looking to gain more of a presence in our community.  EnVision told us about the benefits of having a website. Not only did they design a great website for us, they advised us on the aspects such as registering, promoting, and bringing traffic to our site. They even maintain and update the website for us as well.  Not only do we now have a greater presence in our community, we can now be recognized world wide!  This is truly a rewarding experience."
-Soaring Eagles of Faith International Church

Graphic Concepts Reviews
"I really love the brochures that EnVision designed to promote my new business.  They have been a great tool and have gained a lot of attention.  I now have more orders than I could have imagined." - Rosie's Cake Design

"I was very excited about the ideas I had for starting a new business.  But I also knew I didn't know where to start as far as promoting it.  EnVision worked with me on first establishing an identity for my business before promoting it.  That way I was able to see the vision come to life.  I saw my business take form as EnVision helped me come up with a business name, they designed several options of a business logo for me to choose from and they even designed my business cards with the logo on it!  After this I felt more confident and prepared about promoting my services."

Literary Concepts Reviews
"As a church, we were looking to publish information about our ministry.  EnVision created great literary tools for us to use in our bookstore.  They also helped us create a design template for our newsletters, letterheads, visitor cards and other personalized church stationary." 

Financial Concepts Reviews
"EnVision helped me get my finances back on track.  Once I understood how to better manage my money, I was able to begin saving.  EnVision worked with me on setting up a plan to get out of debt and encouraged me to put aside a certain amount in savings each pay period.  Now I can see my savings accumulating and I don't feel the pressure of living from paycheck to paycheck!"  -

"Our church wanted to conduct some type of financial classes for its members and guest.  When a member referred us to EnVision, we contacted them to get a better understanding of the workshops and teaching principals they had to offer. We were excited to find out that it was just the thing we had in mind.  We arranged for EnVision to conduct Financial Workshops at our church and we look forward to all the success stories that will come forth from the participants."

Social Concepts Reviews
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